us piping school
us piping school
us piping school

Pipers Survey Form

Name (First, Last):
how many years of playing experience?
Phone Number (with area code):
E-Mail Address:
If you have attended the school before, please list the year and name of your instructor(s).
To help with class placement, please select only one of the categories below which best describes your playing ability.  
Can play 4 parted competition March, Strathspey, Reel, Hornpipe, Jig.
Can play 4 parted March and 2 parted Strathspey & Reel and have looked at Hornpipes & Jigs.
Can play Marches of various time signatures 2/4, ¾, 6/8, have looked at 2 parted Strathspeys & Reels.
Can play a number of tunes but have had no exposure to Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes and Jigs.
Can play on the chanter and just starting on the pipes.
Pure beginner, never played before.
Iain Macey's Piobaireachd only class.
us piping school

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